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Understanding the Process of Asphalt Paving: From Preparation to Final Finishing

An asphalt surface may not seem very interesting, but a lot goes into creating them, and we've been using the substance for thousands of years. There's a specific process for asphalt construction, and it takes a lot of skill and expertise to get it right. If you need a new asphalt surface, you want to hire a company that knows how to get things done right. For professional asphalt paving in Barrie, Ital Paving is the perfect choice. In this guide, we'll explain the asphalt paving installation process so you can understand what to expect. Keep reading for more.


1.   Demolition and Removal


We start by removing the existing asphalt surface using heavy machinery. We'll remove the debris, recycling what we can to keep waste to a minimum.


2.   Grading and Sloping


We then start preparing the surface for water drainage. This will ensure that water will run off of it without causing any issues. Water can cause a lot of damage to a finished surface, so this step is vital.


3.   Sub-Base Preparation


The sub-base is one of the most important parts of asphalt paving installation. It keeps the new surface stable and helps to reduce water damage from freezing and thawing. A quality sub-base will help the final surface last much longer.


4.   Proof-Roll, Undercutting, and Sub-Base Repair


With the sub-base graded and compacted, we'll proof-roll it. This involves driving a loaded dump truck over the surface to make sure the base is properly supported. If there are any soft areas, we'll repair them before moving on. Undercutting is effective here as we can dig out the softer areas and fill them in with stronger aggregate material.


5.   Binder and Surface Course


Once we're happy with the sub-base we can add the binder. This is a mixture of large aggregate and oil that has high strength and durability. It's what gives the new surface its strength and ensures it won't degrade quickly with use.


6.   Asphalt Surface Installation


Now that all of the supportive and structural elements are in place, we'll install the top layer of fresh asphalt. This is made up of small aggregate, sand, and oil, and it provides a smooth, even finish. Not only does this give a suitable physical finish, but it also provides the final shiny appearance.


7.   Butt Joints and Transitions


In almost all cases, a new asphalt surface will connect to existing driveways, roadways, or parking lots. Part of the process involves smoothing the transitions between the old surfaces and the new ones. This is done using butt joints. These areas can take a lot of care to ensure they're dealt with correctly. An uneven transition can be very noticeable, so we'll work to ensure they're all as smooth as possible. This includes ensuring the grading and water-run off are suitable.


Professional Asphalt Paving in Barrie


If you need asphalt paving in Barrie, you'll want to go with a reputable company that will take all the necessary steps. This will ensure you have a finished surface that provides a smooth drive and will stand the test of time. Ital Paving (1985) has been providing professional asphalt services in Barrie, Central Ontario, and Cottage Country for over 30 years. You can get a free estimate from us today.


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