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Many homeowners, property managers and commercial property owners avoid repaving their driveways and parking lots and instead choose to deal with crumbling material, growing cracks and potholes by patching up the bad spots with substandard materials such as cold patch. This may seem like the more cost-effective option for the short term, but it can cause big headaches and bigger costs down the road.

When choosing the right paving application for our customers, Ital Paving’s experienced professional estimators will evaluate the condition of the asphalt then decide if your project requires:

REPAIR – Cracks less than ¼” wide don’t really indicate deeper damage to the surface, and they can be easily repaired with crack fillers. With anything bigger, you may need to consider asphalt resurfacing or even replacement.

REPLACE – A driveway or parking lot can complete the aesthetic look of a house or business, which is very important for homeowners who are trying to sell and businesses trying to obtain clients. For potential home buyers or new customers a pitted or cracked driveway or parking lot could be a big turnoff. In such situations it’s almost always advisable to have the driveway or parking lot replaced, rather than patch it up.

RESURFACE – Before you shell out the cash to remove and replace your driveway or parking lot, or pay for bad patches, first consider the middle ground. Depending on the severity of the damage to the asphalt, our experienced asphalt crew may be able to resurface it! This application essentially means that the old asphalt is used as a base for a new top layer of asphalt. This will give your driveway a completely new look at a fraction of the price, and the pits and cracks that are covered up won’t return for a very long time.


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