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Asphalt patch


Your driveway serves as a welcome mat to people visiting your home or business. The last thing you need is to create a bad first impression for your guests or customers. Asphalt does not look fresh and new forever; it requires upkeep and maintenance in order to maintain its appearance and functionality over time.

Ital Paving offers professional catch basin repairs and asphalt patching in Barrie, Central Ontario, and Cottage Country to keep your driveway or parking lot looking fresh. If the asphalt on your property is cracked, broken, or showing other signs of aging, contact us to schedule a free estimate and no-obligation consultation at your home or business.


Over time asphalt develops potholes or loses chunks of the surface through exposure and use. Our experienced team can patch any holes and divots seamlessly to restore functionality and make the surface safe and visually appealing.



Catch basins and storm sewer systems play an integral role in pavement management by removing surface water and preventing water from pooling. It is always better to be proactive with asphalt maintenance rather than reactive, so if you notice that the catch basin on your property is higher than the surrounding asphalt, or that sinkholes are developing in the area adjacent to the basin, or the frame of the basin has shifted or become unstable, contact the team at Ital Paving (1985) Ltd right away. If caught in time, repairs can be performed easily and with minimum cost, avoiding the need for more expensive remedies.

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